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Title Commitments and Why They're Important

Handling real estate transactions on an everyday basis I am always surprised by how little buyers are concerned with the title commitment that's produced as part of their purchase transaction. Most buyers know that the seller is required to order and pay for title, but very few buyers actually take the time to analyze the commitment that they receive.

The title commitment is going to let the buyer know what defects or issues the title company believes are present with that property. The buyer also has the right to notify the seller of objections to title prior to closing. But if a buyer fails to even read their own commitment, how will they know what potential title issues there are with regards to the property?

If you are purchasing property make sure to look for and analyze your title commitment prior to closing. Review the exceptions and exclusions contained within the commitment. Take the time to understand what you are getting into. The purchase of your home is likely going to be the biggest investment of your life - don't you want to protect it?

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